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VISION : Introduce new, highly sophisticated, concept based multi-dimensional, sustainable solutions to our customers that meet the ever changing requirements of the dynamic IT market

OUR MISSION : Our mission is to provide quality technology solutions for the industry & organizations through the development and offering of innovative IT services, Software, hardware and network services and excellence in customer support service.


Technical Solutions: At IT LINX our primary goal is to provide complete technical solutions to our customers. Be it the design and implementation of new networks or support for existing hardware investments, we provide solutions that will meet your company’s needs now and as they evolve in the future.

Seamless Performance: Most of our clients aren’t in the business of IT infrastructure and, as such, IT concerns should only occupy a minimal portion of their time. At IT LINX we strive to make the infrastructure behind your business operations invisible in its seamless performance, allowing you and your organisation to concentrate on its own strengths and performance.

Maximising value: Working with clients across a diverse range of industries, we work to solve even the most complex technical problems and design solutions to maximise the value, efficiency and performance of your network operations, data centres, servers, storage systems and cloud computing, thereby optimizing your business performance.